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Personal growth through the daily exercise of Culture, essential to develop a greater awareness and therefore to better face the reality that surrounds us

Why not dedicate at least an hour to your mind?

Just like for the care of our body, it is essential to daily dedicate some time to our mind: for example, by reading texts that can offer us the opportunity to get in touch with new ideas, thus contributing to our personal growth.

Be a place, both physical and virtual, in which it would be possible to dialogue without prejudice: a space where the tolerants’ tolerance can be exercised, a "home" for all people freed from any ideology, who are not afraid of confrontation and Doubt

We start from the assumption that any absolute or claimed reason is nothing more than a simple construction of language proper to a specific cultural, historical and therefore ideological context: nothing but a particular position and perspective on things.

By Doubt we do not mean second-rate relativism or abandonment to some form of radical scepticism, but rather an action of unmasking and therefore the consideration of every absolute reason for what it is: a product of society.

This is what we call the tolerants’ tolerance: the only basis of dialogue and authentic debate, without bias or preconceptions.


Look for similar and create similar in the rubble that surround us...


Here I sit, fashioning men  

In my own image,  

A race after my likeness,  

A race that will suffer and weep,  

And rejoice and delight with heads held high...

Goethe, Prometheus




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