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Free from what? What does Zarathustra care! But brightly your eyes should signal to me: free for what?    



In this particular historical moment in which cultural, and consequently ethical, rubble has become the pride of some and the justification for the inertia of many, we need a new attitude shared by differentiated men and women: or people who have placed principles beyond mere vanity and mundane accumulation at the center of all their activities.

The basis of this attitude is the exercise of what we call conscious Doubt.

We start from the assumption that every absolute reason (that is every type of dogma: ideological, moral, conceptual...) is nothing but a simple construction of language proper to a given historical/cultural context, therefore a particular position and perspective on the phenomena of reality. For us, Doubt does not mean low-level relativism or abandonment to some form of radical skepticism, but a constant exercise of Culture and confrontation that aims to reach a deeper and wider awareness about a certain phenomenon.

By applying this attitude as far as possible to every aspect of Existence, both private (microcosm) and public (macrocosm), it will be possible to form new citizens marked by constant cultural growth, that is necessary for a more conscious action both in the life of individuals and in that of their city.


The movement CULTURE IN ATTO was born in Padua on 05.10.2014, carrying out since then its activities at international level; organizes public conferences on cultural topics and social, political, scientific and so on insights, always seeking a point of view filtered constantly by conscious Doubt.


Original articles, famous quotes with our comments and much more are regularly published on our website.

"All men on whom the Higher Nature I has stamped the love of truth should especially concern themselves in laboring for posterity, in order that future generations may be enriched by their efforts, as they themselves were made rich by the efforts of generations past. For that man who is imbued with public teachings, but cares not to contribute something to the public good, is far in arrears of his duty, let him be assured; he is, indeed, not "a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season," but rather a destructive whirlpool, always engulfing, and never giving back what it has devoured."                                                                                                                 

Dante, De Monarchia




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